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Additional Personal Services

Sometimes you need more from your checking account, and we get it! That’s why at SmartBank we offer a variety of additional services to help enhance your SmartBank checking account.

Overdraft Protection*

So you went a little overboard, no problem. The SmartPrivilege Overdraft Protection Program is designed with life’s little mishaps in mind. This program protects you in the event of an overdraft on your account.

Contact a SmartBank Associate for more details.

Safe Deposit Boxes

The safety of your assets is one of our top priorities. We offer safe deposit boxes in many of our branches. Ask a Financial Service Representative about our safe deposit box options and fees.

Buy Back Rewards

“Cash in” on your unused checks and debit card! Bring in your debit card and unused checks from your current bank when opening any new checking account. We’ll buy them from you for up to $10.

ATM & Debit Cards

SmartBank offers MasterMoney Debit Cards at no annual fee. The card operates just like a check and an ATM card with each transaction debiting the account to which the card is tied.

 Accepted at any place that accepts MasterCard, and serves as an ATM card in any Cirrus Direct, Plus Direct, Maestro, Pulse, and Intercept Switch networks.

*Fees for use of overdraft protection are up to $35.00 per item charged up to the approved overdraft protection limit. Fees may be imposed for covering overdrafts resulting from checks, in-person withdrawals, or electronic means such as debit card transactions. We reserve the right to require repayment of an overdraft balance on demand. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we may not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing or you are not making regular deposits. Once the approved overdraft protection limit is met, the standard NSF fees of $35.00 per item will apply.