A fast, safe way to send and receive money! All you need is a working email address or mobile phone number. Funds are deposited directly to your account without the hassle of writing a check.

Steps for using SmartPay

  1. Click here to log-in to your SmartBank online banking account.
  2. Select the “Bill Payment” tab.
  3. Choose “SmartPay” from the left menu.
  4. Initial set-up:
    • Click “Let’s get started” from the “What is SmartPay?” pop-up window. Choose the email address and/or mobile phone number you would like to register.
    • Click “Confirm” (Confirmation code(s) will be sent to your email address and/or mobile phone.)
    • Enter confirmation code(s) and choose “Close.”
  5. Fill out all fields on the “Send Money to a Person” window and select “Continue.”
  6. Review information entered and select “Pay”. You will receive a payment confirmation.

Tips for using SmartPay

  • Follow-up with your recipient, and let them know that they will be receiving a message from SmartPay.
  • Your recipient must claim the funds you’ve sent in order for it to be deducted from your account.

SmartPay FAQ:

When are funds available in the recipient’s account after a SmartPay transaction has been initiated?

Length of time in receiving the funds would depend on the method of payment the recipient chooses: Check: 5-7 days, PayPal: Immediate, Deposit to Account: 1-2 days.
Send to e-mail or mobile number: When making the payment the sender selects whether the recipient will receive an e-mail or text notification, and detailed instructions are sent to the recipient regarding the claiming of sent funds. This type of payment may be canceled by the sender while it is “Unclaimed” status. It cannot be canceled if the payment has been claimed, declined, or expired.
PayPal: Payments are sent immediately.
Deposit to bank account:  Sender must know recipient’s routing & transit and account numbers. Payments are sent in the next ACH window and received in 1-2 days.
Mail a check: Typical delivery time is 5-7 days.

Is SmartPay free?

Yes, this is a free service offered by SmartBank.

Are there limits to the amount I may send or receive?

Yes, there are limits on these payments. If you send a payment by the “mail a check” option, payment directly to someone’s bank account, or PayPal account, the limit is $750 per transaction and $1500 per day. If you send a payment by mobile phone or email where the recipient chooses how they will receive the funds, the limit is $250 per transaction and $500 per day.

Can I only send/receive funds to/from other SmartBank Clients?

No, SmartPay allows you to send money to anyone with as little information as a person’s mobile phone number or email address.

Is this service available from my SmartBank Mobile App?

Not at this time, but we looking to have that availability in the future. Currently, SmartPay is accessible through online banking.

What if the recipient doesn’t claim the funds I sent?

If funds remain unclaimed for 10 days, then the payment expires and the recipient can no longer claim the payment.