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SmartBank emerged in January 2006, when long-time executive bankers Bill Carroll and Billy Carroll decided to start the process of organizing a bank with the image, values and service level that would become incomparable to any other bank in the market. SmartBank opened its first office in January 2007 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Today, SmartBank has 29 branches and four loan production offices serving clients in Tennessee, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Recruiting the best people, delivering exceptional client service, strategic branching and a conservative and disciplined approach to lending have all given rise to SmartBank’s success. At SmartBank, we are committed to creating a better bank, and we will continue to work hard and capitalize on opportunities that build value for our shareholders, clients and associates.



We build exceptional value for our shareholders by managing growth and maximizing profitability, return on investment, stock value, dividends, and liquidity.


We build exceptional value for our associates by fostering a more fulfilling environment that respects individual needs, establishes high expectations and recognizes achievement.


We build exceptional value for our clients by demonstrating incomparable care for their needs and increasing their financial wealth.


We build exceptional value in our communities by providing lasting solutions to their problems and protecting their greatest assets.

Building a great culture is not something that happens overnight. It’s something that takes hard work and becomes ingrained in your character over time. It’s what you do day in and day out without even thinking about it.

–Billy Carroll, SmartBank President & CEO

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