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At SmartBank, we understand our clients live their lives on the go and need to access their banking accounts from anywhere, anytime. Mobile banking is a convenient way to pay bills, check statements and transfer money between accounts. But security is key to successful mobile banking.

mobile bankingHere are five security tips to consider when using mobile banking:

Avoid banking on public networks

Many devices automatically connect to public Wi-Fi networks – but these networks are not secure. If you want to check your mobile account while you sit at a coffee shop, make sure to disconnect from the public network before doing so.

Do not open unfamiliar links

Be wary of any messages that come from an unknown sender, even if the message or sender name contains something related to your bank. Phishing is a common way for hackers to steal your banking information. If you receive a message from your bank that you are unsure of, call your local branch and ask them to confirm whether or not they are trying to contact you.

Protect your device

This may sound simple, but protecting your device is more than locking your phone. Make sure all the built-in security features for your device are turned on, and that it is updated regularly. Don’t store any passwords on your phone.

Double up on security

If your mobile banking app offers two-factor authentication, use it. Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security that asks for a second method to verify who you are. You may be asked to put in a password, then a PIN number, or a fingerprint, then a password.

Turn on your alerts

Most mobile banking apps offer text or email alerts. You can be notified if your card makes a purchase over a certain amount or is used in a location that you are not in. These types of notifications can easily let the account owner know that their information has been compromised and that they need to notify their bank of this activity.

For additional ways to protect yourself against fraud, please visit https://www.smartbank.com/fraud-security/.