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Wendy’s, a large fast food restaurant, has reported a data breach involving customer card information. SmartBank wants to assure our clients that we are taking action to protect you against any possible compromise of your debit or credit card information. Protecting our clients’ financial information is SmartBank’s top priority and will not be taken lightly. SmartBank has rigorous security protocols in place for all systems, and is committed to protecting your information. To better ensure the protection of your account(s), SmartBank recommends reviewing your account activity using our online banking services at www.smartbank.com. Check for unauthorized debit card transactions and notify us immediately by calling 1.866.290.2554 if you identify anything suspicious. SmartBank is committed to monitoring your debit and credit card accounts for fraud, and may contact you to verify suspicious transactions. If we identify that your card was affected by this breach, you will receive further information from us.

Please do not hesitate to call or stop by your local SmartBank branch if you have any questions regarding this issue. As always, SmartBank is committed to our clients and delivering exceptional service. For more about SmartBank, visit www.smartbank.com or call our Client Services Team at 1.866.290.2554.