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***Please update your primary and secondary phone number prior to May 5th to ensure continued access to internet banking.***

In order to enhance security controls that will further protect your financial information, SmartBank is changing authentication procedures for signing in to internet banking. These new security enhancements will change how you log-in to internet banking. Our upgraded security service will continue to allow you anytime/anywhere access to your financial information and will better protect your sensitive data.

After the upgrade on May 5th, you will no longer be presented with a picture & phrase that previously appeared when you logged in. In addition, you are no longer required to formally register your computer; the new technology recognizes that your computer has been used before to access the internet banking system.

We are also adding additional layers of security in the event you log-in from a device that has not been used in the past. Instead of the challenge questions you answered previously, you will be asked to validate your identity through a one-time security code you will receive via a phone call or SMS text message. These enhanced security features help safeguard your information.

In order to ensure you have continued access to internet banking, you must update your primary and secondary telephone numbers when you log-in to your internet banking account. A system prompt for this information will occur each time you log-in between now and May 5th, although you need to update the information only once. The numbers you provide here will be the numbers used by the internet banking system to send the one-time security code.

As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a SmartBank Associate at 865.453.2650.