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SmartBank is excited to announce a new and improved Bill Pay system effective September 19, 2011. Our goal is to enhance the Bill Pay experience by providing expanded capabilities in a simplified format. While we believe this transition will be easy, there are a few things you need to know and act upon prior to and following the conversion. Below we have outlined some“Frequently Asked Questions” and helpful instructions to assist you during this process.

When will my Bill Pay conversion take place?

The Bill Pay conversion will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 19th, 2011. The conversion is scheduled to last approximately 32 hours, concluding at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 20th, 2011. During this 32 hour conversion window, you will be unable to access SmartBank’s Bill Pay system. However, any payments that you previously scheduled to occur during this window will be paid as you directed.

What if a payment is processing during the conversion?

One time or recurring payments that are scheduled on or before the conversion date will process normally and be delivered on the original date you selected. Payment history will not be available until the fourth business day following conversion. You should not reschedule payments that have yet to appear in your history until the fourth business day and payment history has been loaded.

Will all payee information and payment history transfer into the new Bill Pay system?

All payees, pending payments, and scheduled recurring payments will transfer into the upgraded system. Six months of payment history will be available for review after the fourth business day following conversion. You must reset and update any reminders, as well as re-enroll for e-Bills once the conversion is complete.

How do I make sure a payment has been made?

To view payments that have been made in the upgraded system, simply review the list of “Pending Payments” and “Last 5 Processed Payments” on the “Make Payments” page. You can click on the “View history/reports” link to view more payment history. Please note this function will be available after the fourth business day following conversion.

Will my login be different?

No. You will access SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system in the same manner as before, by logging into your Internet Banking profile using your secure user name and password, and then choosing the “Bill Payment” tab on the toolbar. Once you have clicked on the “Bill Payment” tab, you will be prompted to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system.IMPORTANT NOTE: You must re-select the primary funding account upon first login following conversion.

What should I do NOW to prepare for the conversion?

• Review existing e-Bills and print copies of most recent e-Bills and any other historical e-Bills you wish to retain. Historical e-Bills will NOT be loaded into the new Bill Pay system. Begin to un-enroll e-Bills in preparation for the conversion by selecting the biller in “Manage My Bills”. This refers to electronic copies of bills viewed through Bill Pay, and will expedite the process for re-enrolling your e-Bills in SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system and/or for receiving paper bills in the interim. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE any active payees that you wish to have access to in SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system.

• Schedule any payments with a due date of September 19th or September 20th as soon as possible.

• Print the entire “Payment Center Screen” so that you have a record of all payees and make note of what “Reminders” you have set up. Reminders will NOT be transferred to SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system.

• Print each of your individual payees’ payment details and retain this information for post-conversion verification to determine that payee information transferred correctly.

How do I verify payee information in the new Bill Pay system?

We ask that you print a list of your current payees, including amounts and dates due, so you can double check them in SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system. After the conversion is complete, simply review the list of payees on the “Make Payments” page. To view additional information for each payee, click on the arrow next to the payee name to display the “Payee Information” menu, and select the “View/Change payee details” link. Please note some addresses may appear as “on file”, which means that the address is automatically maintained and updated for you by the Bill Pay system.

How do I know when my E-bills are delivered?

Once you set up an e-Bill, you automatically will receive an email notification when your e-Bill arrives. There are also notifications on the “Make Payments” page within SmartBank’s new Bill Pay system to alert you of any e-Bills that need your attention.