On November 1st, SmartFinancial, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee (“SmartFinancial”) (Nasdaq: SMBK), parent company of SmartBank, announced the completion of its previously-announced acquisition of Foothills Bancorp, Inc., Maryville, Tennessee (“Foothills Bancorp”), and Foothills Bancorp’s wholly owned bank subsidiary, Foothills Bank & Trust. Effective November 1, 2018, Foothills Bancorp has been merged with and into SmartFinancial, and Foothills Bank & Trust has been merged with and into SmartBank. Based on financial data as of September 30, 2018, the combined company has total consolidated assets of approximately $2.3 billion. This marks SmartFinancial’s third acquisition in the last 12 months. For the full release, click here.      

Information Security Notification

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Several media outlets are reporting a security vulnerability known as the “Heartbleed Bug”, which is putting many websites at risk due to a breach in encryption. This vulnerability could allow a malicious person to compromise confidential information, such as passwords, credit card information and emails. Rest assured that SmartBank has not been affected by the Heartbleed Bug reported in the media. Protecting our clients’ financial information is SmartBank’s top priority and will not be taken lightly. SmartBank has rigorous security protocols in place for all systems, and is committed to protecting your information. Please contact us immediately if you suspect any unusual or unauthorized activity on your account(s).